Listening. Developing. Implementing. Evaluating.


It all starts with listening. And we’ll hear what you have to say. The b4 Group will work with you to uncover the real needs you have for leadership development, executive coaching, organizational development, and team building. We will ask the right questions to get you talking about the vision for your organization. We will work with you to identify the gaps between where you are now and where you see your organization in the future, and to define the skill capabilities you envision as being critical to your success.

The b4 Group’s expertise continues through the development phase. From the insights we have gained through years of effective implementation, we will detail a comprehensive needs assessment, clearly define the deliverables, and develop programs to directly address your needs. And then, with precision, initiate a program to eliminate the capabilities gap.

To ensure ongoing success, The b4 Group will conduct an evaluation process that involves an audit of the programs put in place. This component is critical to ongoing program success, providing further clarity to next steps and gap analysis. It helps confirm commitments and progress — both for the participants and the program.